Bringing up a baby is an exciting yet challenging journey, and when you opt for Baby-Led Weaning (BLW), it can be even more unique. BLW is a feeding approach that encourages babies to explore and self-feed, letting them take the lead in their introduction to solid foods.

While BLW can be a rewarding experience, some parents might find themselves facing a lack of support from friends, family, or even their healthcare providers. If you’re feeling like you’re on your own in your BLW journey, you’re not alone. Let’s explore some common reasons for this lack of support and ways to navigate it.



One of the primary reasons for a lack of support for BLW is simply misunderstanding. Traditional spoon-feeding has been the norm for generations, and BLW is still relatively new to many people. Friends and family members, who may not be familiar with BLW principles, might express concerns or skepticism because they don’t fully grasp the approach. They might worry about choking, nutrition, or safety. To address this, consider sharing resources and information about BLW with your loved ones. Explain the benefits and safety precautions involved. Education can go a long way in dispelling misconceptions and gaining support.


Concerns about Safety

Safety is a top priority for all parents, and it’s natural for friends and family to express concerns when they believe BLW might be riskier than traditional feeding. To alleviate these concerns, emphasize the importance of following safety guidelines in BLW, such as offering age-appropriate foods and supervising meal times closely. Invite your loved ones to observe a meal with your baby in action. Seeing BLW in practice can provide reassurance and may even pique their interest in learning more about this approach.


Peer Pressure

Peer pressure can be another obstacle to receiving support for BLW. When friends or family members follow conventional feeding practices, they might inadvertently exert pressure on you to do the same. You might hear comments like, “Why aren’t you spoon-feeding your baby like everyone else?” This can create self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. To counteract peer pressure, remember that BLW is a valid and increasingly popular method for introducing solids. Embrace your choice and confidently share the benefits of BLW with your support network. Explain how it encourages independence, promotes healthy eating habits, and allows your baby to explore a variety of foods and flavors.


Emotional Support

Sometimes, what you need most is emotional support. Parenting can be challenging, and feeling like you’re going against the grain can be isolating. Seek out communities of like-minded parents who practice BLW. Online forums, social media groups, and local parenting networks can connect you with others who share your approach. Talking to fellow BLW parents can provide valuable advice, camaraderie, and emotional support when you feel discouraged or overwhelmed.


Choosing BLW as your preferred method for introducing solids to your baby is a valid decision, backed by research and supported by many parents worldwide. While it’s natural to encounter a lack of support or skepticism from friends and family, remember that you are the expert when it comes to your baby. Educate and inform your loved ones about BLW’s benefits and safety precautions. Seek out a community of BLW parents for emotional support and shared experiences. Trust your instincts and celebrate the unique journey of parenting through BLW with confidence and pride. Your baby’s health and development are at the forefront of your choices, and the support will come as those around you witness the positive outcomes of your BLW journey.